Thursday, January 17, 2013

One Lovely Blog Award

So the awesomely fun and talented Wendy Knight tagged me in the One Lovely Blog award. I LOVE doing these type of things so send 'em my way, guys! :)

For this blog hop, you list seven random facts about yourself. I'm going to try to go for things not everyone knows. Like to hear it, here it go! (I'm in a goofy mood today)

1. I have fallen in love with HGTV. Even though we rent our house and can't make renovations or really decorate the way I want, I have always LOVED watching shows about house renovations, like Love It Or List It. If you're not familiar, a family is usually torn on whether to renovate their home or find a new place. The show brings in an interior designer, Hillary, who works miracles and with a predetermined budget, tries to fix the problems so that the family will stay. A real estate agent, David, also meets with the family and tries to find them their perfect dream home and get them to move. Hillary and her team do the renovations while David looks for a new house. At the end of the show they decide whether they're going to love it and stay or list it and move. I'm addicted. I started watching this show on New Year's Eve so it's set the precedent for 2013 apparently. I've always enjoyed watching House Hunters, which is also on HGTV.

2. Related to #1, I've always loved looking at houses, studying their architecture and history. I remember my grandmother, Grandma White, had a subscription to HOME magazine, which probably doesn't exist anymore. The magazine had a lot of stuff about home renovation and design and at the end, there were always home plans/blueprints. I would pore over those magazines every time we visited Grandma. Sometimes she'd let me have an old issue or two and I'd be so excited! Maybe I should have become an architect or interior designer. I think I got a lot from Grandma White since she was a writer, too. She wrote poems and short stories but was never published, except in a magazine here and there. I hope to do her proud by becoming a published author. Anyway, as a child, I often took a house plan and built the house in my mind and decorated and came up with stories for the families who lived there. I didn't write them down but that definitely inspired the writer in me. I'm also really fond of Tudor-style homes. This is what my dream house would look like:

Also, as a teenager, I used to pick up the free real estate books when we went to Wilmington, and pick out houses for the characters in my books. Wait, I still do that! Actually, now I look at online real estate listings. And sometimes I house shop in Boston and New York. Actually the house above is in Brookline, MA. I hope it stays for sale until I can afford it. Haha! I'm a dreamer.

3. I'm an Off Beat! :) Maybe not everyone knows about this but I recently joined an awesome critique group called The Off Beats. There are seven of us and although my manuscript has been completed for a while, these lovely ladies have still managed to find ways to make it even better. Plus, we have some really great chats, supporting each other and our writing. I can't wait until all of us have agents and our own end cap at Barnes & Noble. Hey, it could happen. Aren't we cute?

4. Another off beat thing (see what I did there?) about me is that I wore glasses when I was young. I think I was four years old when I got them and wore them through kindergarten. The story goes my parents didn't know I had a vision problem until I asked Mom why there were three phones on the wall. Then I said "There are three of you!" I actually had surgery on my eye (Mom doesn't even remember which eye) when I was three or four, but thank God I don't remember anything about it. I always forget to tell doctors about that. I remember the glasses very well, though. It was how people told my twin sister and I apart but then I got them off before first grade and oh no! No one knows who I am anymore. Ha ha! Anyway, I think the surgery is why I have a freckle on my eye. Most people don't notice it but my friend Jolene thought it was the coolest thing. ;)

5. I love the ocean but am deathly afraid of my head going underwater. I know, it's weird. I have been drawn to the ocean since I was a little girl, even though our family never went on vacation or even to the beach until I was twelve. And we only live half an hour from the beach. Once we went that first time, I was hooked. I would live at the beach if it wasn't so expensive. But like I said, I can't go under. I freak out. I sincerely think I drowned in a past life and that's why I'm so afraid of it. I can dunk my head under for a few seconds and I'm usually okay in a pool but out in the ocean, forget it. I panic. Every time. At the same time, I'm at peace in the ocean and can float for hours and just enjoy listening to the waves. I'm an enigma.

6. I don't believe in marriage but secretly plan my wedding. Haha! That makes me sound so lame. Seriously, I believe marriage can work but too often people rush into it just so they don't have to be alone when in reality, being single is awesome. This is probably because my first marriage was a disaster. The first year or two were nice but we did not communicate the way we should have and basically, I married the wrong person for me. I won't go into all the details but I have pretty much been single since the divorce. I like it that way. But part of me does want the wedding I never got the chance to have. I don't really plan it but I do think about what I would like to have, should I ever meet The One and he has to be The One or I'd never consider marriage. Pinterest constantly shows me wedding cakes, no matter what I search for. I swear I type in Supernatural and a wedding cake will pop up. So in that sense, I plan it but not seriously planning a wedding. ;) I do dream of having the wedding I didn't have with my first husband. I can already tell you the them will be butterflies. ;) My cake will look something like this, only even prettier!

7. OK most everyone knows this about me but I'll make it number 7 anyway. I am a huge fan of New Kids on the Block and I'm very proud of it. I HATE HATE HATE the negative misconceptions out there about them: that they were a manufactured group, that they don't have any real talent, that there were auditions of 1000 kids, blah blah blah. Ugh. It drives me nuts. The truth is I didn't buy into the boy band hype. NK are the only "boy band" I really like. I became a fan way back in the late summer of 1988 when I first heard "Please Don't Go Girl" on the "black" radio station. I was listening to a lot of R&B at the time and that's why the song appealed to me. I didn't even know what they looked like when I became a fan. So yes, the looks are incredible but I'm honestly more into it for their music. They also inspired me to become a writer, the first people to tell me I could go for my dreams. That's why I take the negativity about them so personally. I think they're looking better than ever these days...

By the way, a grand total of eight people auditioned for the group. Joe McIntyre and Jordan Knight are two of the best singers I've ever heard. Give them a chance. Yes, their songs back in the day were cheesy but the talent was still there. They're even better now. I wish I could make everyone a fan, or at least respect them for the extremely talented great, sweet guys they are. I could go on forever about them, but that's probably another blog post. :)

Yay! I wrote seven things. :) I'm tagging three of my fellow Off Beats because they are awesome and lovely people I want to know more about. Well, obviously I already know everything about my first one since she's my twin but I'd love to see what she'll write.

1. Abby Cavenaugh @abs1399
2. Kelley Harvey @KHarveyWrites
3. Fiona McLaren@BookOmnivore


  1. Love the blog, wombie!!! And wow, why did I not know about the eyeball freckle?? Geez, you think you know a wombmate....

    Anyhoo, LOVE that pic of New Kids. My man looks especially good. :D

    1. I thought you knew about the eyeball freckle! And yes, our mans do look quite nice, especially mine :)

  2. I LOVE it! AND -- AND we're like house soul-mates! Your dream house is totally my dream house, and I'm obsessed with HGTV, too. And I sometimes go see houses for sale even though I can't buy them. Haha! I love it!

    1. That's so cool! :) I was actually just contemplating watching episodes of Love It Or List It on the DVR. ;) #addicted I would love to go look at houses even though I can't afford to buy right now. I've done it a couple of times. ;)It's fun!

  3. Joey foreva!!! Love it! Also you're dream house is eerily similar to mine...

  4. So writers must like Tudor houses? ;) Or really cool people? Heehee! Joe is my man! :D

  5. I used to watch HGTV all the times before but I think I've grown tired of it. I used to watch House Hunter, House Hunter International, Property Virgin, Designers Challenge, Landscapers Challenge, and many others.

    The picture of the house is beautiful and I have always wanted a house that has Mediterranean type architecture and a secret passage way to a wine cellar that. I like a mysterious and historical house.

    The cake looks beautiful and I bet its yummy.

    I agree about Joe and Jordan's talent being overshadowed by being in a group but I love that they're still part of the group though. Joe is yummy!

    I've always enjoyed reading your blogs. :)


    1. Thanks for reading :) I'm finding that house is very popular! I may have to fight people off for it when I make my millions LOL

  6. Woo! Thank you so much for the tag. So good to learn a little more about you!!!!

    1. Woo Fiona! Thank you for reading & once again thanks for that very cool shout out on your blog :D It's cool getting to know more about you too