Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

My sweet twitter friend Wendy Knight tagged me in this blog hop :) As she said in her post, it's supposed to be about your current WIP. i'm currently working on the sequel to the novel i'm querying so I'll answer these questions about that book.

Where did you get the idea for your book?

Originally, i was inspired by episodes of "Psychic Investigators." I've always been fascinated by psychics, but you have to convince me you're actually psychic. I don't automatically believe everyone. just saying. anyway, I thought, what if a psychic saw the murder before it was committed and tried to stop the killer before anyone died? and a scarred mind was born.

What's the genre of your book?
Adult suspense/thriller

Which actors would you choose to play the characters in your movie?
I always love this question. :) I started this book with a particular actor in mind. I've mentioned this in a previous blog post. i wrote this with Joe McIntyre in mind for the role. I know he's a singer but he's also done acting and I think he's super talented and would kill it. :) But then i'm biased. it's got to be someone with amazing pale blue eyes like he has. in my other two roles, i see Jordan Knight as george and Donnie Wahlberg as Tom. Showing how much of a Blockhead I really am! I know Jordan doesn't act but Donnie does and this role is right up his alley. :) honestly I'll just be ecstatic if it's ever made into a movie. but I really hope Joe at least plays Jake.

My elevator pitch:

Jake has always had a way of knowing things but now that he’s foreseen the vicious murder of a stranger, he has to step out of his comfort zone and actually tell someone. Stung by years of ridicule and crystal ball jokes, he fears going to the police. He convinces two detectives to check it out, but as his visions become more frequent and intense, he learns the stranger isn’t the only one in danger.

(why did my font change? Sorry - I am very tech-challenged! :( )
Will your book be represented by a publisher or self-published?
I'm currently querying agents and hope to go for traditional publishing. If I exhaust all those efforts, I'll consider self-publishing. Nothing wrong with self-pub, of course. I just don't feel it's the right path for me to take.
How long did it take you to write the first draft?
The first draft was a screenplay written in December 2008. I did a complete rewrite, beginning in January 2010, after my first trip to New York City. Fun story: my friends and I were walking around on a cold, rainy Sunday morning, exploring the city. We walked by a building and my friend Angi said "Hey, Amy it's your house." When I turned I saw a plaque by the door that said "Writers House." I didn't even know at the time it was a literary agency. When I came home and found out what Writers House was, I felt like it was a sign to go for it so I seriously started rewriting. It's taken me two years to get a completed draft I'm proud of but I love my story. :)
What other books compare in your genre?
Harlan Coben's thrillers are similar and Kay Hooper's books in a way because she writes about a psychic FBI group. But I haven't found many thrillers based around a quote unquote normal guy rather than a cop or FBI agent. Would love to read one.
Who or what inspired your book?
Didn't I already answer this question? Or perhaps I answered it wrong the first time. ;) I was inspired by Psychic Investigators, repeated dreams of the plot, that trip to NYC and Joe McIntyre. :D
What else about the book might pique the readers' interest?
I think that it should pique reader's interest because the story centers around a regular guy who has an extraordinary gift. Who wouldn't want to know what it's like to be a little psychic? ;) I think it would be awesome. Then again, I think everyone is psychic to varying degrees.
Hope you guys haven't already participated #clueless


  1. You should be super proud of A Scarred Mind, it's excellent!

    I already did the meme a while ago, here's the link: :D

    1. Thanks for the link :) Cool to read your answers. Somehow I missed this. Hopefully now that I'm on Blogspot I can easier keep track of others with it. And thanks for the compliment on ASM! xoxo

  2. Fun! I'll have to do it when I have a few minutes! :)